Thursday, September 15, 2011

Milestones: Eight is G R E A T!

Mitch has been playing "Rubyzilla" (a game he made up) with Ruby ever since she was born where he helps her stomp on his chest (while he's laying down) making all the apropriate sound effects until she gets to his face where he makes a "waaaahhhh" godzilla noise. She LOVES it but I think it has warped her sense of identity as she is really becoming a destructive-I-can-do/get-into-anything Rubyzilla! But, this Rybyzilla has an alter ego and that is Hugazilla as well as a Luvazilla.

Master Escape Artist

Failed attempts....

Cloth Diapers are just so darn cute on baby bums
The cuteness helps defuse the stinkiness of changing them

Luvazilla and the things she loves

Loves to make silly faces

Ruby loves her rubber duckies and her panda 

And she loves her bath time

She loves to play "Peek-a-Roo" with anyone who looks at her

Loves her uncle Rigby!

.....And her cousin Mackenzie

.....And her cousin Cody

....and Nana's big bathtub

....and JuneBugs 

....and her Uncle Andrew

...and hair bows, lots and lots of hairbows

.....and her cousin Oakie Dokie's silky smooth skin
oooo, soo soft.....

....and napping with her daddy

.....and her Gigi

....and her cousin Dasiy Lou

....and teasing poor Oakley

....and sidewalk surfing 

with uncle Max

...and she really loves her Daddy 

....But she doesn't really love goodbyes...

The Mountain Goat.

 The Bookworm

The Bumbo potato:

The Thinker:

The Beautiful Baby:

Oh boy! I love this little girl. 

Well, stay tuned for month's coming up in 5 days...